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Geophysical (Land & Marine Seismic)

Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance and rugged interconnect systems for the Geophysical market.

Land and Marine seismic systems require more rugged connectors and higher bandwidth. Amphenol is working with the leading OEM’s on hermaphroditic electrical, hybrid and fiber optic connectors, reinforced Ethernet links, copper or hybrid streamers.

With the increase in world demand for oil and gas products, the technology used in the exploration processes has grown in sophistication.

With industry leading engineering, design and manufacturing expertise, Amphenol is the preferred supplier of harsh environment products for the Geophysical market. Telemetry seismic cables, geophone strings, offshore seismic streamer cables and down-hole monitoring cables are just a few of the areas where Amphenol interconnect solutions are used in the Geophysical market.

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