VFD Series

The VFD series was purpose designed for the technical and environmental requirements of drilling rig variable frequency drives. These single pin connectors are aimed at the single core shielded VFD power supply leads up to 777mcm. Service rating is 2000V, 1135amps with IP68 particle ingress protection. The shell mounts on the Industry standard size 24 footprint and as such combines space saving and safety over any multi-pin connector for the same service.

The hard anodized aircraft quality aluminum shell hardware is super ruggedized and corrosion resistant. The double lead acme threaded enables quick and easy coupling. Connectors are color coded for phase identification. Conductivity of the cable shield is carried through the connector set providing complete 360 degree protection through to the panel or enclosure. Flexible braided shield boot are available for the rear side of the panel mounts when required.


  • IP68 Ingress Protection

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