Zeus High Voltage ROV Connectors

High Voltage Rectangular, DIN-Rail Mountable, Nylon

Amphenol Oil & Gas Technologies introduces their new High Voltage ROV Connector. The Zeus High-Voltage ROV Connector Series is designed to work in the harsh underwater environment of the Subsea Oil & Gas fields. Capable of handling 7500V, this robust design can incorporate multiple sizes of Amphenol’s RADSOK® contacts. Made from Nylon, it’s DIN-Rail mountable and secured together using a stainless steel screw.

Features & Benefits

  • Operating voltage = 7500 V

  • Receptacle housing clips onto standard DIN-Rail

  • Plug housing is mated to receptacle via vertical screw

  • Housings accepts snap-in, replaceable contacts 4.0mm², 10.0mm², and 16.0mm²

  • Creepage/Clearance in accordance with IEC60079-7 guidance

  • High integrity electrical connections utilizing RADSOK® design contacts


  • IEC60079-7

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