KTK Downhole

Cylindrical, Press-Fit Coupling, Medium & High Temp Environment, Signal Connector.

Amphenol® Industrial Operations now offers our KTK, high-pressure, downhole connector. Fully compatible with the industry standard configuration, these connectors offer high pressure and high temperature sealed connections standard in the downhole industry. One of many upcoming downhole connectors, the KTK product line is molded and machined glass-filled epoxy with gold contacts and a Viton O-ring.


  • High Pressure: 20,000 PSI (137 MPA) bi-directional
  • Medium and High Temperature versions: 200°C and 170°C
  • Molded and Machined Glass-Filled Epoxy
  • Fully compatible with industry standard layouts
  • Gold contacts designed for longer life/mating cycles
  • Solder pot connections
  • Cable Assemblies/Pigtails Available

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