Neptune connectors
  • LNG 100% 100%
  • Transportation 100% 100%
  • Heavy Equipment 100% 100%
  • Geophysical/ Oil and Gas 100% 100%
  • Energy Generation / Alternative Energy 100% 100%
  • Industrial Instrumentation 100% 100%
  • Railway / Mass Transit 100% 100%
  • Other Industrial 100% 100%

R49/R24 Series

The R49/R24 series are single pole high load connectors manufactured in market leading synthetic self- lubricating thermoset rubber. The design enables the quick, safe and secure connection of AC and DC power in the most demanding of environments. Housings and couplers and manufactured in high grade aluminum and feature snap action ‘vibration safe’ locking mechanisms. Colored epoxy coatings are applied for phase identification. Self-adjusting contacts are precision machined from near pure copper and plated with our duplex tin plating system. The R49 series is designed for the industry standard ‘49’ footprint.

The new R24 series delivers the same performance as the larger R49, but with the industry standard ‘24’ metal connector footprint. This allows the safety and near indestructible features of the traditional rubber connectors but no disadvantage in panel space.


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